For Commercial Banks and Alternative Credit Funds:

We provide constructive challenge and an appropriate risk management framework to enable: 

  • Risk:Reward:Effort 
  • Conversion of Products to
  • Training in all aspects
    ​       of 
    Trade Finance and
    ​       Commodity Finance for both
           Credit/ Risk Management
    ​       and Sales teams  

​​For Trade Finance investors:

  •  We provide guidance on the
            risks and can assist with
    ​        due diligence of Trade or
    ​        Commodity Finance funds


An independent voice

Thought leadership

A boutique consultancy offering strategic leveraging, holistic troubleshooting and expertise in Trade and Commodity Finance

experience and gravitas to deliver 

Our principal consultant is a former senior banker with coverage across Commercial and Investment Banking in the UK, Europe and Asia, and a proven expertise in Trade & Commodity Finance. Additionally, his management consulting experience stretches to delivering for a Fortune 500 subsidiary, SMEs and start-ups. Bankingwise works with your teams to develop and embed solutions and otherwise has access to associate professionals and proven consultants/project managers to ensure we meet your requirements


We provide constructive challenge and insight to fine-tune TCF businesses so that all elements reinforce one another



who we are

We share opinion and guidance on issues and hot topics affecting the industry and can provide relevant training


Aidan Applegarth has a wealth of practical experience in building up commercial banking businesses, especially those seeking to lend in the Trade & Commodity Finance space. From strategic reviews to tactical implementation and effective Risk Management, Aidan can provide independent advice, opinion and recommendation on relevant systems, and training and guidance to help your business prosper.

OUR Activities

"The sum of the whole should be greater than the sum of its parts"