Published in TFR Magazine in 2005, Risky Business  provides an in-depth look at risk management for Structured Trade & Commodity Finance and explores some of the processes involved

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Published in TFR Magazine, 2005, Trade School discusses the diverse practices being applied by banks to deliver Trade & Commodity Finance and offers recommendations for more effective outcomes 

Published in Global Trade Review, May/June 2010, Keep Out presents a roundtable discussion among market practitioners on the impact increasing regulation, a poor understanding by credit managers and inappropriate risk models are having on Trade & Commodity Finance.



Transcript of an August 2018podcast for TXF Media addressing Trade Finance funds

Capital Punishment addresses the impact of the latest Basel consultation paper on credit risk in so far as it impacts the Trade & Commodity Finance community

Published in Global Trade Review, January/February 2010, Shut Out In the Cold challenges prevailing corporate credit risk models to improve capital treatment for genuine low default credit and lending in order to reduce Risk Weighted Assets: the article anticipated a tighter management of RWAs in the industry, which many banks have only woken up to in recent years and are only now scrambling to fulfil. Aidan Applegarth led a market initiative in 2015 whilst at a leading global bank culminating in a constructive challenge to the BCBS with the sponsorship of the AFME and ICC