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Aidan Applegarth created Bankingwise in 2010 to address a market need.

​With over 25 years Commercial and Investment Banking experience, including executive roles with top-tier Financial Institutions in the UK, Europe and Asia, Aidan combines professional banking expertise with several years of successful management consulting to bring exactly the sort of constructive challenge and best practice solutions that decision makers need.  Aidan holds an MBA with distinction from Warwick Business School.

Other consultancies have consultants trying to be bankers, or bankers trying to be consultants. Bankingwise offers you the best of both - a consultant banker with a proven track record and access to other banking and consulting professionals.

About us

  • Undertaking a Forensic Review for a commercial bank of commodity trade finance loans it provided to a
        defaulting trader, to establish whether there were any red flags leading up to disbursement and to provide a
        Lessons Learned Report to Senior Management. 
  • Delivering an appropriate risk management and governance framework to a Middle East bank embarking on       a new Commodity Trade Finance proposition, covering relevant structure, policies, procedures, systems,             and a bespoke credit risk assessment tool.  
  • Establishing a Credit Policy for an Asset Management and Trade Finance Fund and becoming Chair of its 
        Credit Committee

  •  Assisting a pan-African bank with Organisational Design and Operational Efficiency for its Banking
         Operations Department covering Loans Administration, Collateral Management and Commodity Finance,
         including the provision of a Middle Office function and associated policies.
  • Acting as Senior Adviser, Operations & Risk to a newly established Alternative Debt Fund & Impact Advisory
  • Providing training in Trade Credit Risk Management through the Association of Corporate Treasurers to the
    ​    credit approvers of a UK bank 
    • Preparation of a guide to 'Trade Finance as an Investment', and to 'Commodity Finance as an Investment'
      ​     to help a new commodity trade fund explain the opportunity and risks to new investors

    • Advising on, preparing and delivering for a major global bank a Business Case for a new Commodity &
           Structured Trade Finance customer proposition and then being engaged to help it deliver

  • ​Building a constructive challenge to Basel II /III and the new revision proposals to secure a more
    ​     favourable capital treatment for genuine low default lending activities

  • Challenging conventional risk models being applied to the Structured Trade, Commodity Finance
    ​     and Global Trade Finance businesses (see Thought Leadership - Global Trade Review, Jan/Feb 2010)

  • Helping a service provider to banks to equip itself for more effective penetration and delivery